Cheap wedding venues shropshire

If you're looking for cheap wedding venues shropshire has quite a few of them. A lot of couples have gotten married in this wonderful county and there are many reasons why. Here are the top reasons why people get married in Shropshire and why you should too.

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Amazing Towns

One of the most unique features of Shropshire is there are no cities located there. It is one of only a few counties that has no cities whatsoever. There are a total of 22 towns located there and two of those towns can easily be mistaken for a city. Those two towns are Telford and Shrewsbury, which are both great places to get married in. The two smallest towns are Baschurch and Clun, also great places to have a wedding held.

The truth is that all of the towns in Shropshire are unique in their own way. In fact, this is one of the reasons couples flock to the county. If you want to get married in a unique town, then you'll easily find one in Shropshire County.

Breathtaking Landscapes

There is nothing that compares to the landscapes of Shropshire. As soon as you enter the county, you will know exactly what we're talking about. The landscapes is one of the top reasons people go and get married there. Whether you want a gorgeous lake in the background or rolling hills as a backdrop for your wedding or a castle, you can find what you're after.

With so many different types of natural landscapes throughout the county, you can easily find the right wedding venue.

The Castles

As previously mentioned, Shropshire is home to all types of landscapes and the castles are what really make the landscape that much more unique. There are a lot of different castles located in Shropshire. If you have always dreamed of getting married at a castle or spending a few nights in it after you've gotten married, then you can do it in Shropshire. Castles make for the perfect wedding venue, as well as a honeymoon destination.

What you can do is get married in Shropshire and then book a few nights at one of the castles. If you're able to do so, you can stay a few nights at one castle and then another few nights at a different castle.

The Parks

Not only is there an array of castles in the county, but there's no shortage of parks. You can have a wedding at one of the many parks in Shropshire. Some of the best places to consider include Attingham Park and Severn Valley Country Park. Keep in mind those are only a couple of parks you should consider having your wedding held.

There is no better place to get married than in Shropshire County. If you're looking for cheap wedding venues in the county, then start searching as soon as possible. The sooner you find something you like and can afford, the sooner you can book it to make sure nobody else does.